When anger is in control, you are not. Not only can you harm yourself when you can’t manage your temper, but you also put your loved ones at risk.

Dupont Counseling Group provides anger management classes that meet court-ordered dependency requirements and are available to people in the community at large. Ten-week sessions are offered throughout the year. Contact us for specific dates and times.

If you struggle with how to deal with anger, don’t worry, you are not alone. We are one of the best resources for anger management classes in Jacksonville, Florida. You can either seek help from one of our private anger management therapists or choose to attend one of our well-known anger management classes led by one of our certified anger management counselors. Our 10-week court ordered* anger management classes are offered throughout the year and not only meet dependency requirements required by the law, but are also beneficial to anyone who may be coping with anger issues. We will not only help you understand the roots and dynamics of anger, but also teach you how to recognize your own personal triggers, manage your stress and learn better tactics for managing anger. Call to find out when our next anger management course is offered or to make an appointment with a qualified counselor.